DeFine Art Launches as Asia’s first Decentralized NFT Platform

DeFine Art, a Decentralized NFT Platform in Asia, announced its official launch and all users can now exchange NFTs on the platform. DeFine will build upon the existing marketplace to support Asia’s broader NFT ecosystem.

In conjunction with the official launch, DeFine has brought on famous artists and influencers from Korea and China to be produce NFT assets to be auctioned on their platform. Some of the first collaborations include artist Mari Kim, a South Korean contemporary artist and animator from South Korea and social media star Bart Baker who has over 15M followers on Douyin, the parent company of TikTok in China. DeFine claims there will be more top artists, musicians, influencers, and creative talent across Asia to coming into the NFT world and onto its platform.

DeFine aims to build the premier Asia-focused NFT platform similar to other platforms like Opensea and Nifty Gateway while establishing a NFT ecosystem in Asia. The platform facilitates the fusion of real-world assets and blockchain technology in many aspects, with digital art, music & videos, gaming, collectibles, and decentralized financial assets being tokenized into digital assets. Additionally, it functions like a decentralized NFT marketplace with features including auctions, Initial NFT Offerings (INO), on-chain exhibition, and DeFi modules that enable the tokenization of NFT assets into more liquid financial assets. The platform will also support multiple NFT standards, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Klaytn, and FLOW.

<Digital Artworks from Mary Kim>

The showcase of Mari Kim’s work is part of an ongoing partnership with PICA, an art co-sharing platform.


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